quinta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2013


I reach for you over and over
I try to find something to hold on to
A shelther so I would feel safe
I try to find home in your heart
And sometimes I almost do
It's almost like you've reached out your hand and stopped me from the fall
But then it all suddelly changes
And I hit the ground again
And I don´t know whether it's you or it's me
Can't figure out what we're doing wrong
Why I'm always scared and insecure
Why there are still monsters in my dreams
And you're never there to save me
And I don't know whether it's you or it's me
Why I'm feelling so all alone
Why this night keeps getting so cold
And it feels I'm screaming for help to the emptiness
Can't understand why you walk away when I need you to stay
Why you let me go so easily when I need so much you to hold me in your arms

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